Pernicious Parades Commission trying to provoke a reaction

Admin —  September 21, 2013

Speaking at the weekend, after attending the protest on Woodvale Road in support of the Ligoniel lodges, TUV Leader, Jim Allister, said it was the malevolent Parades Commission which bore full responsibility for the daily protests and any resulting costs.

“It is a basic civil right issue: the lodges were permitted to walk from the hall but by reason of the sheer venomous hatred of all things British the Parades Commission imposed an absurd ban on their return. Such was always going to provoke the rational and proper demand that the lodges must be allowed to complete their journey. I, therefore, stand foursquare with the oppressed Orangemen in their measured demand.

“Now, unable to cope with the Twaddell protests being peaceful the pernicious Commission is deliberately trying to provoke a violent reaction as a way into discrediting the protest. Hence, their absurd determination banning the playing of loyalist music in a loyalist area. Such is so monstrous it can only be to provoke a reaction. I’m sure, however, it’s not beyond the wit of the protestors to outwit and disappoint the desperate Commission.

“It’s the peacefulness of the protests with which the Commission, PSNI and Ardoyne republicans can’t cope. So, keep it peaceful to keep winning the argument.”

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