TUV warns against further Appeasement in Haass talks

Admin —  September 13, 2013

TUV, itself not a participant in the Haass talks, which are restricted to Executive parties, has warned against any further erosion of unionist rights and traditions in consequence of the process.

In a statement TUV Leader Jim Allister said:-
“Though TUV is excluded from these talks, we will be keeping a very close watch on what is going on, mindful that the experience of internationalised negotiations has never been to the benefit of the majority community. Mitchell left us the legacy of the perversion of democracy and empowerment of terrorists through the iniquitous Belfast Agreement. Though the USA preaches democracy around the world it supports denial of its basic fundamentals in Northern Ireland, namely, the right to vote a party out of government and even the right to have an Opposition.
“TUV’s role in politics is often to be a watchdog against further appeasement, as with the Maze proposals, and, so, again, we will be alert to others succumbing to the pressures of hothouse talks. We will watch to ensure there is no backsliding on the Maze issue.
“On parading and dealing with the past Haass must not be allowed to become a conduit for reheating either the rejected Sinn Fein/DUP parading proposals or the Eames Bradley report. Nor, is there room for a unionist community, which has been required to give at every turn, to make further concessions in some trade off to promote “the process”. We have no more to give!
“The resolution of the parading issue lies in recognising the paramountcy of the right of freedom of assembly, acknowledgment of a presumption in favour of parading on the shared space of arterial routes and due respect for traditional routes. On the past only justice, so emasculated by the early release poison of the Belfast Agreement, for families will suffice, with no protected species, such as those terrorists now presenting as politicians. Justice must trump the protection of the contrived political process.”

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