What is Transformation Supremo at NIHE costing the taxpayer?

Admin —  September 4, 2013

TUV leader Jim Allister has challenged the DSD Minister to explain why the person being brought in to fill the role of ‘Director of Transformation’ within the NIHE a) has been recruited not by NIHE, but the Strategic Investment Board; b) why she is being paid a salary in excess of that of every other director in NIHE and in fact greater than that of the Chief Executive; and c) what is the cost of her total financial package, given that she is another recruit from GB and is claiming relocation expenses etc.

“Last week I commented on the fact that three board members from GB, at extra cost, have been appointed to NIHE. Now, it appears, a transformation supremo is being brought in and again the taxpayer is footing a huge bill.

“It is important that the minister is fully transparent on this issue.

“I am tabling this Assembly Question to him:-

‘To ask DSD what precisely were the recruitment arrangements for the appointment of the person to perform the role of ‘Director of Transformation’ in NIHE, why was SIB involved and what is the total cost of the financial package awarded to the appointee.’

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