Haass – the excuser of terrorism

Admin —  March 12, 2014

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“Richard Haass’ outburst in Washington was wholly irresponsible, being excusatory of future terrorism.

“Excusing terrorism, alas, is nothing new for Dr Haass. His New Year report was so sanitising of terrorism that it didn’t even use the term “terrorism” at any point to describe the murderous terror of the IRA and others.

“Now, it seems, he’s in the business of excusing terrorism of the future by seeking to put the blame and guilt on anyone who doesn’t toady to his proposals.

“Terrorism, either in the past, or, God forbid, in the future, is the exclusive responsibility of those who perpetrate it. No one, including Dr Haass, should be saying anything to sanitise or excuse it. Yet, in pique, this is the road he now seems to be travelling. Such a level of ill judgement demonstrates he has no useful role to play.

“Richard Haass would do well to reflect on the fact that innocents victims of terrorism have been among the most vocal critics of his proposals. However, I have little hope of him doing so as they were effectively excluded from his sham of a consultation with many key victims organisations never meeting him at all while others has to make do with meeting Dr O’Sullivan after the consultation had officially ended.”

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