Hallet Comments Expose DUP Bluster on OTRs

Admin —  March 27, 2014

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The comments by Lady Justice Hallett today should remove all shadow of doubt that the DUP are seeking to sell the Unionist electorate a pup on this issue.

“Mr Robinson demanded “a full judicial inquiry” and that he wanted “to know who the 187 people are that received these letters – if indeed it is only 187 people because I wouldn’t believe anything I hear any longer.”

“Lady Justice Hallett has made it clear that she merely intends to “sample a number of case files”.

“That is very far removed from the “full judicial inquiry” demanded by the co-First Minister. I have no doubt that there will be many in Northern Ireland who will regard Mr Robinson’s remarks about not believing anything they hear on this issue as more than a little ironic now!

“There is no suggestion that the names of those who received letters and the crimes of which they were suspected of committing will be released as part of this whitewash. Remember that on the Nolan Show on 28th February when Nigel Dodds was asked:

“Peter Robinson has a list of names of all the people who got these letters and their specific crimes on his desk doesn’t he because he also said he was demanding those on Wednesday. He has got them hasn’t he?”

“He replied:

“Well that will be part of the outcome of the judge led inquiry.”

“We now know it won’t be the outcome of the review.

“The DUP have been exposed for settling for a whitewash merely designed to get them off the hook before the elections. However, the reality has already dawned on the Unionist people.”

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