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TUV leader Jim Allister has written to the Prime Minister in the following terms:

Dear Prime Minister,

The recent huge settlements for families of those killed on “Bloody Sunday’ has stirred understandable questions among families of policemen and others murdered by terrorists at or about the same time.

Among those in touch with me is a police widow whose husband was murdered in 1975, leaving her with a 6 year old and a 4 year old and another child on the way. She got £1000 in criminal injury compensation plus a police pension – which she lost on remarriage (till I secured a change in the law a few years ago restoring such pensions).

When her treatment is compared with an award of £625,000 this week to a Bloody Sunday widow, then, the disparity is as obvious as it is shocking. 

It is appalling how many victims and widows of terrorism were treated. Recent events must refocus attention on how the state compensated police and UDR widows in comparison with how the same state is now compensating Bloody Sunday relatives. There is a deficit to be made up to those who lost their lives serving the state.

So, what proposals have you to address this issue?

Yours sincerely,

Jim Allister

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“As the exhibition of Stormont artefacts draws to a close, I have written to express my thanks to the Assembly Commission for organising the event and to call for the provision of a permanent display of these and other artefacts owned by the Assembly.

“I have received many messages of appreciation in respect of the exhibition. A recurrent theme of these messages is dismay that the exhibits may be hidden away again, unable to be viewed and enjoyed by the public who own them.
“Many of these items are of particular significance and interest as we approach the centenary of Northern Ireland’s formation and whatever one thinks of those events surely we can all recognise the historic nature of the events.

“Portraits of former Prime Ministers JM Andrews and Viscount Craigavon, as well as others should remain on display. Yet they and other items, like the books recording the names of the civilian war dead from the Second World War and a beautiful relief map of Northern Ireland, seem set to be hidden under dust sheets again. Why should the display of the names of the civilian war dead offend anyone? And why should the taxpayer, who owns these items, pay £11,000 pa to hide them in a warehouse?”

Dark Hedges Road Death

Admin —  September 26, 2018

Statement by Jim Allister MLA, TUV North Antrim:

“I was saddened to learn of the death of Mr Michael Munro, an American tourist, yesterday evening as a result of traffic collision on the Gracehill Road in Armoy. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family circle and friends at this time.

“This section of road has long been identified by residents of the area as an accident hotspot due to the tourist draw of the Dark Hedges which has brought a significant number of people and vehicles to this rural road. To that end I have written to the PSNI and DfI Roads to press for action to improve safety, particularly at the junctions.”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Having spearheaded the campaign on the issue for a considerable period I welcome news that the Assembly Commission will at long last stage a  display of artefacts held by the Northern Ireland Assembly from 3rd to 28th of September.

“It will be open to the public in Room 114 during weekdays from 10am-4pm.

“Having had opportunity to view the material in storage some months ago I know that some marvellous works of art and memorabilia which is important to the history of Northern Ireland has been hidden under dust sheets for far too long.

“The portraits will, I believe, be of particular interest.

“As we approach the centenary of Northern Ireland there will doubtless be added interest in this material.

“While I would like to see the material on permanent display this is a welcome step in the right direction and would encourage people from across Northern Ireland to avail of the opportunity to view some of our history.”

This Stormont is not worth saving

Admin —  September 4, 2018

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister MLA:

“Mindless demands for the return of that which has failed, and will always fail, serves no useful purpose. 

“There is one very simple reason why these Stormont institutions will never work  – courtesy of mandatory coalition they depend on the grace and favour of Sinn Fein and since Sinn Fein does not want Northern Ireland to work, any system dependent for its operation on them will never work. Simple!

“So foolishly calling for the return of failure, rather than demanding the root and branch change necessary to enable Stormont to work, is empty headed.

“As we surpass Belgium for lack of government, it’s well past time for Westminster action. The first duty of government is to govern, yet HMG fiddles while administration logjams.

“If Stormont can’t be reformed into a system of workable devolution, then it’s time to move on and give us government from the only other place it can come from, London. Enough is enough!”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“It is easy for Arlene Foster to shoot down the most extreme and long term goals of the Irish language zealots but it is also clear that she is dodging the key questions such as:

  1. Does Mrs Foster stand over her promise to the people ahead of the last Assembly election – “We will never accede to an Irish Language Act”?
  2. Are the DUP prepared to concede “rights based” legislation, whatever it is called, which will open the door to perpetual judicial reviews funded by the taxpayer?
  3. Are the DUP prepared to give Irish official language status in Northern Ireland with all the resulting ramifications which arise from that including an expectation that Irish speakers will be dealt with in Irish by the civil service and public bodies? If that happens non-Irish speakers will be discriminated against as there will be roles they simply cannot perform.
  4. Are the DUP prepared to lift the ban on Irish in the courts with all the ramifications that will have for employment of non-Irish speakers within the legal profession and indeed the administration of justice?
  5. Are the DUP prepared to commit to equal status with English?
  6.      Are the DUP prepared to concede a language enforcer in the form of a Commissioner with statutory powers?
  7.       Has the DUP abandoned its previous position of opposition to more expenditure on the Irish language?

“The long-term goals of Sinn Fein/IRA and the Irish language lobby are clear. Any legislative provision for Irish has been repeatedly categorically ruled out by the DUP and they will not be permitted to go back on their word. I suspect that the strength of the reaction to suggestions that the DUP are preparing to move on the issue has forced Mrs Foster into making her comments today. The reaction of the Unionist grassroots on social media is there for all to see. Unionism is in no mood to compromise on this issue, not least because the Welsh and Scottish experience proves that a single Act would not be the end of the matter, but the beginning of a rolling process of ever expanding ‘rights’.”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“With Sinn Fein and the aggressive Irish language showing no sign of retreating from their destructive demand for Irish Language legislation it is looking increasingly likely that the centrepiece of any deal will be a DUP climbdown.

“Even more important than the embarrassment in the DUP’s dietary switch from curried yoghurt to humble pie, will be the irreversible republican advance in hollowing out the Britishness of Northern Ireland. Moreover, success for Sinn Fein’s politics of ransom guarantees more instability, not less, as the lesson will not be lost on them.

“In 2014 Gregory Campbell boasted to the DUP party conference to wild applause:
“We’ll say it slowly so that you understand Caitríona and Gerry – we will never agree to your Irish Language Act. Do you understand? The paper that your wish list is written on well, we’ll just regard it as toilet paper.”

“A question which the DUP now has to face is – is the Sinn Fein wish list still “toilet paper” or or is it now the programme for government?

“It doesn’t matter if the Act is wrapped up with a few tartan bows for the sake of the optics. What matters is what is actually in the legislation. If, as Sinn Fein demand, it is legislation of substance, then it will a key part of fusing Northern Ireland into Gaelic Ireland.

“DUP MLAs who won their seats on the back of a campaign premised on “not feeding the crocodile” would do well to reflect long and hard before rolling over on this issue. Having promised repeatedly that there will never be an Irish Language Act on her watch the Unionist community will be looking to Mrs Foster to deliver.

“There is no case for further legislative provision for Irish. The Irish language school sector is lavishly funded by the state. Indeed, Irish medium schools receive preferential treatment with the threshold for opening one much, much lower than that for other sectors. They have a North-South promotional body with executive powers.

“The pronouncements of Irish language zealots on the media in recent days should leave no one in any doubt that regardless of any safeguards which may or may not be built into any legislation agreed now it will be the launching pad for an ongoing cultural war on unionists.”

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-

“In 2012 Stormont persuaded the EU Commission to approve its RHI Scheme. The EU document giving approval declared only “useful heat” would be eligible, thus, eliminating any incentive for deliberately wasting heat to receive payments.

“Yet, it is patently obvious this assurance was not kept.

“How and why were such assurances given, only to be breached? Thus, an additional consequence of the RHI fiasco could ultimately be EU infraction proceedings and huge fines on Stormont.

“To help flush this matter out I have written in the terms below to the Economy minister. I look forward to his reply!”


Note to Editor – Letter to Economy Minister


Dear Minister,

Re: Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

I have a number of queries arising from EU Commission approval of the above scheme as reflected in this Commission document issued on 12 June 2012:

Paragraph 25 records “Only ‘useful heat’ is eligible for payment under the RHI scheme …. This eliminates any incentive for deliberately wasting heat to receive payments.”

Paragraph 34 says, “In order not to provide perverse incentives to waste heat, each reference installation is calibrated to have a specific load factor and the tariff is calculated with reference to that load factor.”

My first query is to invite you to confirm that the Commission was able to reach these conclusions on the basis of information and assurances provided by DETI? And, where and how can that be accessed?

Secondly, where precisely within the various regulations governing the scheme and within the standard letter of offer, are the provision for the stipulations approved by the Commission in paragraphs 25 and 34?

Thus, where is the “useful heat” condition stipulated and the referenced calibration provided for within the regulations governing the scheme?

Finally, in terms of the contractual relationship between the department and the beneficiaries am I right to conclude that the defining document is the letter of accreditation issued to each approved applicant. I would appreciate as early a response as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Allister MLA

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The Infrastructure Minister is clearly playing politics when he seeks to blame any delay in upgrade the York Street interchange on Brexit. Westminster has always been clear that any projects signed until we leave the EU will be funded by the Treasury. To blame Brexit for any postponement of the project therefore is utter nonsense.

“I welcome clarification from the Northern Ireland Office that HM Treasury will meet any shortfall.

“It is clear that the Sinn Fein Minister is asleep at the wheel, looking for excuses or is spreading clearly inaccurate information.

“If there is any delay in this key project it won’t be because of Brexit. This is just yet another scare story and black propaganda spread by the bad losers of the referendum. Like so much said by the Remoaners upon even cursory examination their claim is found to be groundless.”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Today at question time I challenged the Infrastructure Minister about what he was doing about terrorist memorials on Road Service property. The lack of action on this matter is yet another example of how the feelings of victims are trampled upon in Northern Ireland and how they have been completely failed by a political system which panders to victim makers.

“I had little hope in a positive response from Chris Hassard as Sinn Fein are overseen by the IRA Army Council whose members are commemorated on many of these memorials. His inaction and complacency on the matter is, I suggest, born of empathy with the glorification of terrorists which these distasteful monuments represent.

“However, what compounded the contempt for innocent victims on the part of the Minister was his attempt to draw an equivalence between memorials to members of the security forces murdered during the Troubles.

“There is no parallel between the sacrifice of those who died seeking to protect life by confronting terrorism and those who lost their lives while engaged in activities which could have resulted in the loss of innocent lives and in some instances did.

“Yesterday I exposed the farce of the Executive’s claim to be dealing with paramilitarism when McGuinness denied the existence of the IRA. Today’s response by Minister Hassard underscores the reality that there is a pro-terrorist cancer at the heart of government in Northern Ireland.”