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Maze Rally Tomorrow Night

Admin —  June 19, 2013



The Ulster Unionist Party, TUV and UKIP have said that the public have an opportunity to give a clear voice to their opposition against the planned “Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Centre” at the Maze by attending a public rally tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8pm in Lisburn Orange Hall.

In a joint statement Tom Elliott, Jim Allister and David McNarry said:

“The rally tomorrow night will be an opportunity for ordinary people to demonstrate their opposition to the DUP/Sinn Fein plans for the Maze.

“On 18thFebruary 2004 DUP MP for Lagan Valley Jeffrey Donaldson told the Guardian, “The victims of these terrorists will not visit this site. It would be an absolute abomination to them.” Now he is chief salesman for a so-called “Peace Centre” which has been rejected by innocent victims the length and breadth of the Province. Continue Reading…

Responding to the DUP’s arrogant reaction to Grand Lodge’s statement asking “all our Unionist elected representatives … not to proceed with this fundamentally ill-conceived project” Jim Allister has called on all people from across the Province to attend the rally in Lisburn Orange Hall on Thursday 20th June.

“The DUP claim they are “mystified by the Orange Order statement”. Presumably then they are also “mystified” by the position of the 12 groups representing innocent victims who launched the Charter for Innocent Victims, FAIR and the RUC George Cross Association as well.

“There is not a single group representing innocent victims who supports this project. The victims of terrorism are united in their opposition to the DUP/Sinn Fein plan. That is hardly surprising as at no time did the Office of the Joint First Ministers consult with victims about their plans for the Maze while they did have multiple meetings with ex-prisoner groups. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“I welcome the very clear and robust statement issued by the Grand Orange Lodge this morning.
“The concerns expressed in the statement accurately reflect the feelings of the wider community in Northern Ireland.
“In recent days many people have been disgusted by Republican attempts to re-write history and portray themselves as victims rather than perpetrators. We saw this time and time again when people like Evelyn Glenholmes (who was once sought by police over a series of IRA terrorist offences) attacked Ann’s Law. The Maze project – which will see a so-called “Peace Centre” built in the vicinity of buildings which will inevitably become a shrine to the IRA – will only serve to aid Republicans in their efforts to re-write history and portray terrorists as no different from their victim. Continue Reading…

The IRA Terror Shrine at the Maze was, is and will continue to be opposed by TUV.

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