The unchanging and true colours of Sinn Fein displayed over Castlederg

Admin —  August 9, 2013

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

Martin McGuinness’ description of Sunday’s coat-trailing glorification of the murder, planned for Castlederg, as “an act of remembrance” is obscene.

“Acts of remembrance” are sacred occasions when those who fought honourably and courageously for their county are remembered with dignity; Sinn Fein’s Castlederg event is a celebration of the wicked terror of the IRA and exaltation of the death and destruction they brought to their innocent victims. There is no equivalence between the courage and sacrifice of the soldier who goes to war for his country and the bloodthirsty terrorist who skulks around in the dark waiting to shoot a policeman or a civilian in the back, or who loads up a car with explosives to blow the heart out of a town.

“So, I throw back at McGuinness his scurrilous attempt to dignify his terror fest as an “act of remembrance”.

“Some who partner and sustain IRA/Sinn Fein in government seem to be surprised when they emerge in their true colours, as with the Castlederg venture. I am not in the least surprised. Sinn Fein have always been the defenders and celebrants of terrorism; giving them a government car has not changed that, merely emboldened and empowered them.”

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