How Many IRA Murders are the Failed Institutions Worth?

Admin —  August 21, 2015

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Now that the PSNI have come out and said that Provisional IRA members were involved in the murder of Kevin McGuigan it is time for Unionists who work the Belfast Agreement to face up to reality.

“The DUP and UUP claim that they are only in government with Sinn Fein because the Republican movement has changed. The murder of Robert McCartney a few years before devolution was restored and the murder of Paul Quinn shortly after it was restored proved that was nonsense.

“Now, again, pro-agreement Unionism must face up to the uncomfortable reality that they partner a party in government which not only justifies the actions of the IRA in the past but whose IRA clearly still reserves the right to act as judge, jury and executioner.

“Belfast Agreement devolution has brought Northern Ireland to the brink of financial ruin with no money left even to cut the grass verges. But there is a much more profound question which must be answered who all profess to believe in democracy and the rule of law – just how many murders are the failed political institutions worth? This is no time for excuses. This is a time for facing reality.”

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