North Antrim needs more than pitiful excuses from Paisley Jnr

Admin —  August 12, 2015

Statement by Jim Allister MLA:

“The only thing more pitiful than Invest NI’s record in North Antrim is Ian Paisley Jnr jumping to their defence in an effort to get them off the hook.

“Over the 2014-15 period there hasn’t been a single inward investment visitor brought to North Antrim by Invest NI. That simply isn’t good enough in my book.

“It’s obvious that Mr Paisley is more interested in pitiful excuses for his party’s record in government than holding a key agency to account when it patently doesn’t deliver for North Antrim.

“The facts speak for themselves and any elected official should be questioning why Invest NI, the agency which seeks to bring investors into Northern Ireland, has been neglecting North Antrim. Surely, as the MP for North Antrim, Jnr should be leading the charge against this organisation to up their game, but instead he seeks to deflect criticism from them.

“I welcome all efforts to bring investors to North Antrim, but when the agency tasked with that particular mandate fails then the public deserves answers, not cheap political attacks.”

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