We’ve Heard all the DUP Empty Threats Following Murder Before

Admin —  August 14, 2015

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Peter Robinson’s comments following the murder of Kevin McGuigan have a familiar ring to them because we’ve heard it all before.

“Following the murder of Paul Quinn back in 2007 Jeffery Donaldson said:
“If the IRA is involved — whether it’s individuals or — and there was a gang involved here — if there were a number of IRA members involved in this murder then that’s the actions of the IRA. We are not here to dance around this issue”.

“In March 2008 Lord Morrow told the Assembly that if Sinn Fein really believed the IRA were not behind the murder they must be “the only people on this planet who believe that”.

“Yet Lord Morrow and Mr Donaldson were happy for their party to remain in government with Republicans in spite of the murder. Sinn Fein has the DUP’s measure; they factor in their bluff and bluster in giving rein to their paramilitary wing.

“Who believes that the murder of Kevin McGuigan will seriously impact the political process any more than Paul Quinn’s murder made any difference? The process will again trump truth and justice. Who now worries about justice for Robert McCartney before partnership with Sinn Fein could be considered, as the DUP once claimed?

“Empty rhetoric is par for the course when it comes to pro-Agreement Unionism and IRA murder. No one seriously believes that it will be any different this time round.”

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