Who is Ready to Help the IRA?

Admin —  August 20, 2015

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“As Kevin McGuigan is buried some, including the organisation which murdered him and the governments, both at Westminster and Stormont, are hoping to also bury any resulting ramifications for the political process.

“It was no surprise that Sinn Fein warned journalists and the public that it was “unhelpful” to speculate – code for don’t blame the IRA, but when the PSNI join in the same chorus, then, it is clear that officialdom has its mind set on whitewashing the truth. This is a major test for the Chief Constable’s capacity to put proper policing above political considerations. His predecessors failed, when the choice was made to equivocate and prevaricate over who actually murdered Paul Quinn and Robert McCartney. Little wonder Catherine McCartney has expressed her concerns. She was spot on.

“But this situation is also a test for journalists and politicians. Who will relentlessly pursue and expose the truth and who will obey the Sinn Fein demand to be “helpful”? Who, for the sake of office and the process, will concur in the obfuscation and ‘constructive ambiguity’ that will attend this matter over the coming weeks. On past performance I think I know the answer, but, once more politicians, particularly unionist leaders, are being tested.”

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