Belfast Agreement Devolution Unfixable

Admin —  September 21, 2015

Statement by Jim Allister MLA:

“The very fact that for the umpteenth time crisis talks are starting at Stormont is irrefutable evidence for even the slowest of learners that Belfast Agreement devolution is unfixable. Yet, once more, Northern Ireland is to be subjected to the frustration of failed politicians jockeying to apply sticking plaster to that which will never work. The only difference this time is that the proceedings have the added grotesque spectacle of unionists sweeping IRA murder under the carpet as an essential to saving their ministerial careers.

“If the talks participants truly had the interests of the people of Northern Ireland at heart they’d stop the pretence and face the reality that mandatory coalition is irretrievably unworkable, because it defies the most basic tenets of democracy – the right to vote parties out of government and the right to an Opposition. Only voluntary coalition checked by a vibrant Opposition can ever hope to work.

“So as the ‘jobs for the boys’ brigade set about their latest deception and some compliant media outlets suspend their critical faculties, TUV will continue to ensure thinking unionists and democrats are not bereft of an alternative vision that would work, as opposed to the perpetual failure of the Belfast Agreement devolution.”

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