McCartney Case Shows Political Policing at its Worst

Admin —  September 3, 2015

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The expose in recent days of the connivance by the PSNI with the Provos over the investigation and pursuit of events surrounding the murder of Robert McCartney is quite shocking. This was political policing at its worst. To even contemplate, never mind activate, a clandestine negotiation with the organisation implicated in the murder, whereby their clean up operation would be ignored in the foolish and naive hope that they might help identify their killers, is a staggering insight into the perversion of policing operated at the senior level identified.
“Little wonder the McCartney family are outraged. So should everyone who cares anything for the independence and reputation of policing and our criminal justice system.

“It was a total travesty of not just good policing, but independent policing, to strike a deal with the perpetrating organisation not to follow the evidence and let the Provo clean up squad off scot-free. Nor, is it any surprise to me that the Provos double crossed the police and left with with nothing.

“The uncovering of this escapade also raises legitimate questions as to what other police investigations were corrupted by police co-operation with the Provos? There certainly is a long line of Provo crimes with no convictions, where convictions would have embarrassed ‘the peace process’. In how many of these have there also been “arrangements” with the perpetrators?

“Suspects ‘helping police with their enquiries’ is a familiar concept, but the police helping suspects avoid enquiries is a whole new notion. “

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