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Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Following the PSNI’s participation in the anti-British St Patrick’s Day parade in New York I wrote to the Chief Constable asking why a police service from the UK officially participated in a parade behind a banner which proclaimed “England Get Out of Ireland”.

“I know from contacts to my office that many people found the PSNI participation in an event which peddled this racist and xenophobic message deeply offensive. This is hardly surprising given that the “Brits Out” mantra was championed by the IRA which murdered so many gallant officers in Northern Ireland. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The reports  signed off by the Standards and Privileges Committee whitewashing Kelly’s grossly offensive conduct at the Castlederg IRA parade is a slap in the face for all innocent victims of terror. Continue Reading…

TUV Leader is seeking to table an urgent oral question to the Justice Minister in the Assembly on Monday.

The question, which requires the consent of the Speaker, focuses on the threat now posed to Orange Halls and personnel by McGuinness equating the Orange Order to the UVF, is in the following terms:-

“To ask DOJ minister for his assessment of the threat to Orange Halls and personnel resulting from the deputy First Minister’s claiming the UVF and Orange Order are one and the same in Belfast.”

Commenting Jim Allister said, “The hate filled and pernicious alignment by McGuinness of the Orange Order with the UVF sets up Orange Halls, parades and personnel for further republican attack. Surely, even this Justice Minister, who has been silent on this incitement, should have something to say about the matter.”

An extract from Jim Allister MLA’s contribution to yesterday’s Haass debate:

Mr Allister: I am in this House unashamedly and unapologetically as a unionist.  Therefore, when I read the seventh document from Haass, I make no apology for asking this question:  what is in this document for unionism?  Sadly, I find nothing, effectively, for unionism.

I consider the issue of the national flag.  The document does nothing to restore the Union flag to its rightful place on Belfast City Hall.  It does nothing to give it more prominent display on this Building.  On flags, it delivers nothing for unionism.

On the past, this is a document that fails to even grapple with one of the most obscene, objectionable matters that touches upon the past:  the definition of a victim.  It does not at all address the issue of the equivalence that exists between the victim-maker and the victim.  In that, it is a gross betrayal of innocent victims.  I think that anyone supportive of innocent victims should have, within that process, made that the beginning and the end of the test of whether or not there was anything attainable.  That has been a scourge in this society that has been used by the victim-makers to validate themselves and provide equivalence with those they made victims.

I come to the document and look to how it will deal with terrorism.  I am still waiting for Mr Lyttle to put me right, but I find that it has nothing to say about the fact that, for 30 years and more, this Province was subjected to an unwarranted, vile campaign of terrorism.  Instead, it sanitises it down to “the conflict”.  It talks about actors.  Mr Speaker, it was no actor who firebombed the La Mon hotel; it was no actor who took 10 innocent workmen out of a van at Kingsmills and slaughtered them in cold blood; it was no actor who planted the bomb in Enniskillen; it was no actor who went into a public house in Greysteel.  They were terrorists, one and all.  Anyone who fails to address that fundamental foundational issue in dealing with the past is making no serious effort to deal with it.  On that, these proposals hopelessly flounder.

You then move, within that, to discover that innocent victims are meant to be exhilarated and encouraged by the fact that they might get some sanitised, self-serving version of Provo or Ulster Freedom Fighter (UFF) truth about why their innocent relatives died.  It can even be anonymous.  It is certainly untestable.  That is itself an insult to innocent victims, who suffered so much at the hands of terrorists.

Mr Lyttle: Will the Member give way?

Mr Allister: Yes.

Mr Lyttle: Does the Member acknowledge that there are innocent victims in Northern Ireland who have lobbied for, asked for and requested the very process that he has just so fundamentally objected to?

Mr Allister: If there are innocent victims who want to be satisfied with a self-serving, Provo version of the truth that they cannot test, that will raise more questions than it will answer and that might even come from an anonymous source, it is a matter for those victims, but, I must say that I do not know too many of them.  The innocent victims whom I know crave justice, and justice is someone being held accountable for the villainy that was visited on them and their family, not hearing some self-serving story that is part of the rewrite of history by perpetrators of terrorism.  That is the vehicle that the Haass proposals offer, in the diminution of, of course, and as an alternative to, the proper pursuit of justice.

On parading, the proposals open up a whole new vista, where anyone, anywhere can object to any parade anywhere and then require the parade organisers to subject themselves to negotiation with that individual.  We are meant to think that that is progress?  Like everything else that seems to be in the proposals, that is not progress and not an advance.

Mr Allister: What the proposals represent, and this is why it is so enthusiastic for them, is another opportunity to pocket what Sinn Féin sees as some advance until the concession meter next needs to be fed, and then it will be out demanding more.

Commenting on the announcement that Peter Osborne has been appointed as Chair of the Community Relations Council, Jim Allister MLA said:

“I am surprised that the department over which the First Minister jointly presides has given its assent to Mr Osborne being appointed Chair of the Community Relations Council as this is the same Mr Osborne who has so alienated large swathes of the unionist community through his previous actions while Chairman of the Parades Commission.

“The question will be asked that after the mess created by the political decisions of the Parades Commission under Mr Osborne’s reign why is he being rewarded? The amount of quangos that we have to suffer, the significant public money wasted on them and the musical chairs of each constituted one should be alarming.

“I look forward to hearing the First Minister’s explanation of this decision.”


Note to Editors:

Jim Allister MLA has submitted the following Assembly Written Question:


To ask OFMDFM a) how many applicants were there for the position of Chair of the Community Relations Council; b) how many were interviewed; c) who comprised the interview panel; and d) was there ministerial sign off of the appointment.

TUV’s analysis of the Haass proposals

General observations:

1. Throughout the document there is not a single acknowledgement that for 30 years we faced a campaign of vicious terrorism; instead “terrorism” is sanitised down to “the conflict”, inferring the mutual responsibility of the terroriser and the terrorised. The IRA escapes even a single mention. The only time “terrorist” is mentioned is in the same breath as “freedom fighter” (p22). There is no acceptance that terrorism was wrong and never justified. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“It is certainly no surprise to me that the Haass process is putting pressure on unionists. It was never designed to do otherwise. All such international involvement has the same tilt, because the Dublin/London/Washington nexus, which drives the process, is consciously anti-unionist. It was the same when Mitchell was the frontman. Nothing has changed under Haass. The only difference is that the DUP leader was foolish enough to join with his government buddy McGuinness to call in Haass! Continue Reading…

TUV warns against Haass sell-out

Admin —  December 17, 2013
Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-
“From the outset of the Haass process I have warned that Unionism and innocent victims have nothing left to give. Now, it is clear, that this is precisely what is being demanded. Unionist participants will be judged, not by their posturing, but by what they finally concede when subjected to the pressure cooker treatment of the next few days. Continue Reading…

Commission Personnel Not the Issue

Admin —  December 13, 2013

Commenting on the appointment of new members to the Parades Commission TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“The appointment of new members to the Parades Commission will be met with scepticism by the Loyal Orders and rightly so.

“The primary issue isn’t the membership of the Commission but its existence. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The Belfast Agreement talks had three strands. The first strand related to the internal affairs of Northern Ireland, from which the Dublin government was excluded. Continue Reading…