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Commenting on the announcement that Peter Osborne has been appointed as Chair of the Community Relations Council, Jim Allister MLA said:

“I am surprised that the department over which the First Minister jointly presides has given its assent to Mr Osborne being appointed Chair of the Community Relations Council as this is the same Mr Osborne who has so alienated large swathes of the unionist community through his previous actions while Chairman of the Parades Commission.

“The question will be asked that after the mess created by the political decisions of the Parades Commission under Mr Osborne’s reign why is he being rewarded? The amount of quangos that we have to suffer, the significant public money wasted on them and the musical chairs of each constituted one should be alarming.

“I look forward to hearing the First Minister’s explanation of this decision.”


Note to Editors:

Jim Allister MLA has submitted the following Assembly Written Question:


To ask OFMDFM a) how many applicants were there for the position of Chair of the Community Relations Council; b) how many were interviewed; c) who comprised the interview panel; and d) was there ministerial sign off of the appointment.