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Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“I welcome today’s news that the DUP are backing the Charter for Innocent Victims of Terrorism – albeit a full four months after other Unionists did.

“When the Charter was launched I commented:

“How can Mr Donaldson and others in the DUP claim that the Centre will contain a balanced and truthful account of the Troubles when innocent victims of Republican violence are united in their opposition to the plan and will have nothing to do with it?

“Understandably the Charter makes it clear that a project which will “provide the means for terrorists to return to the Maze as “victims”, educationalists and quite possibly tour guides – self-cleansing them of their heinous crimes” is totally unacceptable to innocent victims.

“This isn’t the claim of TUV or the political opponents of the DUP but rather the innocent victims of Republican terrorism. Continue Reading…