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Allister Backs Trafficking Bill

Admin —  September 24, 2013

Below is the speech by Jim Allister in support of the human trafficking bill:

“I support the Bill and will vote for its Second Stage. I commend Lord Morrow on his initiative and tenacity in bringing the Bill. He will have discovered that private Member’s legislation is a long and torturous route. I commend him for getting to this point. I have to caution him that there is a long and torturous road ahead as well, but, no doubt, I am sure that he will navigate that successfully.

“It has to be indisputable that trafficking of human beings is one of the most odious and horrendous of crimes that man can commit against man. Yet it is clear that, usually for the motivation of financial gain, it is far more prevalent than any of us probably imagine or like even to think about. Continue Reading…