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Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“When Douglas Bain was appointed as Assembly Standards Commissioner I called on him to resign from the Parades Commission because of the obvious conflict which could arise when investigating any complaint connected in any way to a parade determination. He refused and insisted on clinging to both jobs.

“Now, the predictable has happened. Mr Bain finds himself compromised by his Parades Commission membership and is having to duck out of an investigation he should be conducting and, instead is putting the Assembly to the extra cost of appointing someone else to act in his place.

“This has arisen in respect of my complaint against Gerry Kelly, arising from the Castlederg episode. Mr Bain has written to me as follows:- Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The peaceful and dignified protest by the Orange Order is to be commended. In the face of provocation and a farcical Parades Commission decision the Orange Order were able to channel Unionist anger into a peaceful protest.

“The huge turnout today demonstrated the strength of feeling within the Unionist community. It is time the powers that be took note of Unionist concerns rather than seeking to dismiss them or demonise those who express them.

“The presence of many Orange marshals and the production of literature making the Order’s intentions clear to all those who attended the parade and protest was an initiative which should be praised by people across the community.

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Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The outrageous decision of the Parades Commission to ban the return parade passed the Ardoyne shops has understandable grabbed the headlines. However, the bizarre decision to also ban a parade in Castlederg due to take place before an 11th Night Bonfire also deserves media scrutiny.

“I have been contacted by members of  Castlederg Young Loyalists Flute Band who are baffled and rightly outraged by the Commission’s decision to ban their parade along a section of a road which is overwhelmingly Protestant.

“There has been no controversy surrounding parades there in the past and the band suspect that the Commission’s decision is the result of pressure from Sinn Fein. I understand that a local Unionist politician has made representations to the Commission following news of the restrictions placed on the parade but these were dismissed. Continue Reading…