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Statement by TUV North Antrim MLA Jim Allister:-

“Edwin Poots’ electioneering announcement of ‘reprieve’ for four statutory care homes needs close examination. If he does not reverse his policy of blocking new admissions to all these homes, and others, then the announcement does not provide an assured long term future for the homes. Finding a new use for them is not the same as permitting them to flourish as statutory residential homes within the NHS.

“In the Northern Trust area Mr Poots had advance knowledge of the intended 100% closure, and did not intervene till forced by the public outcry. To now say that he wishes all current residents to be able to stay, while welcome and a relief for those families, does not guarantee the future of these homes unless he allows new admissions.

“I congratulate the Pinewood and other campaigners who have pushed the minister this far, but the campaign must go on till the long term future of the homes is assured as residential homes.

“So while this latest DUP u-turn is welcome, as far as it goes, only lifting the moratorium on new admissions will bring long term security to these homes.”

Statement by Jim Allister MLA:

“On Tuesday evening I attended one of the Health and Social Care Board’s consultation sessions along with my TUV colleagues and representatives from Unions, care home staff and relatives of residents.

“The proposed criteria put forward by the HSC Board was quite simply a farce – it was entirely contrived to give only one sadly predictable outcome, that residential care homes would have to be closed.

“The criteria are predicated on the assumption that private facilities are better, and we all know that statutory residential homes such as Pinewood, The Roddens and Rosedale, to name but a few, are superb facilities.

“The criteria also set out that residential care homes will be judged on their admissions, but there has and continues to be a ban on new admissions! How absurd and insulting is it that this can be given any weight in the criteria. Of course there will be a trend for private care homes if no new admissions are granted to statutory homes.

“Ever since this process became public last April TUV have set out a fair way to move forward: end the ban on permanent admissions and give the residential care homes a level playing field to compete with the private sector. Only then will a comparison of services, cost, admissions etc be valuable.

“Those present also heard the ‘bombshell’ from an HSC Board representative who expressly said that it was the Minister who directed that the ban on admissions continue during the consultation period. I have written to John Compton, Chief Executive of the Health and Social Care Board, to ascertain the accuracy of this disclosure.

“Minister Poots can blame the Trusts all he wants, but the buck stops with him.”

North Antrim MLA and TUV Leader Jim Allister again this week in the Stormont Assembly pursued the Health Minister on the future of the NHS care homes Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-

“A consultation on the how, not the why, of residential care home closures will not satisfactorily or fairly address the issues. The pre-determined reiteration that at least 50% of homes will close, whatever the merits or local needs, further suggests this latest consultation is another farce.

“A consultation supposedly to set criteria for closures, in circumstances where the Minister maintains a ban on new admissions, means homes so starved of residents are easy pickings. In the Northern Trust area there are no new admissions, so how can these homes defend themselves?

“It is only by lifting the embargo on new admissions that a fair and genuine consultation exercise can be conducted. Otherwise, it will continue to be closure by stealth. Little wonder some residents have expressed a renewed sense of betrayal.”