Why is Kelly above the law?

Admin —  October 25, 2013

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Previously this week I called for the PSNI to recover the profits from Gerry Kelly’s book about the breakout of terrorists from the Maze under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

“Following an interview on the Nolan Show today I have now written to the Chief Constable calling on him to investigate Kelly under Section 5 of The Criminal Law Northern Ireland Act 1967 for withholding information about an arrestable offence, namely the shooting of prison officer John Adams on the night of the escape.

“When asked repeatedly who shot the officer in the head Kelly refused to answer and merely said he was acquitted of the offence in court. That is no bar to a further prosecution which is why he is ducking and diving.

“However, it is interesting to note that in a BBC documentary about the escape some years ago Kelly recounted how he told Prison Officer Adams: “Don’t fing move. Get on the ground. This is an IRA operation. If you move I’ll shoot. If you do what I tell you to do you won’t be hurt”. A voice over later in the documentary said “Kelly fired two shots. One of which hit Adams above the eye” (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc7WMJqHDcY).

“I have also written to the Assembly Commissioner for Standards complaining about Kelly in the terms laid out below. I must say, however, that my confidence in the PSNI or the Commissioner to progress the matter is not great as this is the third occasion on which I have referred Kelly to the Commissioner since June of this year and the PSNI seem more interested in prosecuting a Unionist councillor for a misguided comment on social media which was quickly withdrawn and apologised for than confronting those who conceal knowledge of serious offences.

“It seems to many that Kelly and his ilk in the Sinn Fein leadership are treated as if they are above the law. Is there such a deal as part of the “peace process”? This is not how it should be. Patently, Kelly is withholding information on a serious offence. Such breaches the criminal law. So, why is he not being investigated? Let’s have your answer Mr Baggott!”

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