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Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Not for the first time Gerry Kelly is on the run!

“This time, he’s running from public scrutiny before the NI Committee in Westminster over his role in the nefarious OTR scheme. Fearful of public questioning he has chickened out. Happy to act as secret postman for the IRA in carrying their demands for OTR amnesty letters, he, who is so quick to demand inquiries that suit republican pet projects, is cowering in the shadows, unwilling to help uncover the truth over the OTR scandal. He and Sinn Fein have too much to hide.

“His refusal to attend is a challenge to the authority of the Westminster committee, which they must not dodge.”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“When the Assembly debated the appointment of Douglas Bain as Assembly Commissioner for Standards I expressed my disappointment with the choice of someone who so neatly fitted within the quango circuit. My view that Mr Bain is completely unsuited for the role is reinforced by the fact that he has decided that a complaint made against Gerry Kelly following comments he made on the Nolan Show about his breakout from the Maze is inadmissible, a decision agreed to by the Committee on Standards and Privileges. Continue Reading…

Kelly’s “Informed Warning”

Admin —  January 7, 2014

Commenting on an “informed warning” for Gerry Kelly over his obstruction of the police when he jumped on the bonnet of a landrover, TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“This is political policing in action. While flag protesters are pursued by a special Public Order Enquiry Team and subjected to charges under the Serious Crime Act, the authorities pander to Bonnet Kelly with a meaningless “informed warning”, something which amounts to nothing.

“This will do nothing to restore loyalist faith in policing, but, rather, it will perpetuate the present disconnect.”

Why is Kelly above the law?

Admin —  October 25, 2013

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Previously this week I called for the PSNI to recover the profits from Gerry Kelly’s book about the breakout of terrorists from the Maze under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

“Following an interview on the Nolan Show today I have now written to the Chief Constable calling on him to investigate Kelly under Section 5 of The Criminal Law Northern Ireland Act 1967 for withholding information about an arrestable offence, namely the shooting of prison officer John Adams on the night of the escape. Continue Reading…

Allister Puts it Up to Kelly

Admin —  September 12, 2013

Below is the speech by TUV leader Jim Allister during the debate on Gerry Kelly’s remarks in Castlederg.

This debate — indeed the events of the summer, the motion and the amendment — are testament to the continuing abject failure of the Belfast Agreement. Here we are, 15 years after the new dawn of 1998 that we were all sought to be conned about, discovering that, right at the heart of government, are those who still cling to the justification — not just the justification, the eulogising — of evil, wicked terrorism. Of course, there are some in the House who should remember that they put them there. The DUP’s contribution to the debate thus far, perhaps Mr Campbell excluded, has been somewhat lacklustre. Maybe Lord Morrow’s conclusion will be different. However, it says to me that there is a realisation that what they have created is not now working, and we saw that writ large in Castlederg. Continue Reading…

TUV leader Jim Allister has welcomed a letter from the Assembly Commissioner for Standards which acknowledges that his complaint against Gerry Kelly will proceed.

In his letter Mr Bain has informed Mr Allister that if there are PSNI and / or Police Ombudsman investigations into the events of Friday night past he will suspend his investigation “pending the outcome of these other investigations”.

Mr Allister has also written to the Chief Constable about Gerry Kelly’s conduct. Continue Reading…

Below is the text of a letter TUV leader Jim Allister MLA has this morning sent to the Northern Ireland Assembly Commissioner for Standards following the conduct of Gerry Kelly on Friday. Mr Allister is also raising the issues with the PSNI.

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