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Statement by TUV Leader, Jim Allister:-

“The Kingsmills Inquest is being frustrated by the failure of the Garda to cooperate. For months the Coroner has been asking them for files and for months they have failed to respond. The matter has been commented on several times in the Coroner’s Court, most recently on Friday 3rd October 2014.

“Following a previous exposure of the Garda’s feet-dragging by the Chief Coroner, I raised the matter directly with David Ford on the floor of the Assembly on 16th September 2014, when he was enthusing about the quality of North-South cooperation. His response was pitiful, suggesting it was not for him to intervene.

“Now, at the latest hearing the Chief Coroner is reported (News Letter 4/10/14) to have urged that the matter be addressed at an inter-governmental level. Will minister Ford still try to dodge the issue? To find out I sought to table this Urgent Oral Question to the Justice Minister on today in the Assembly. Sadly, it was declined by the Speaker.  I will now table it as a Priority Written Question:-

‘To ask DOJ in view of the call by the Chief Coroner on 3rd October 2014 at a preliminary hearing into the Kingsmills Massacre for inter-governmental engagement  to address the need for timely and effective cooperation by the Garda, what steps has the minister taken, or will take, with his Republic of Ireland counterpart.’

Below is my exchange with the Justice Minister on 16/9/14:-

Mr Allister: The Minister has been very effusive in praising North/South cooperation and, indeed, has highly commended the Garda, yet, yesterday, the chief coroner in Northern Ireland had occasion to be highly critical of the total lack of cooperation from the Garda in the preparation for the pending Kingsmills massacre inquest.  What actions has the Minister taken to raise that issue with his counterparts?  That is a disgraceful situation.  If he has not done anything, why has he not done anything and will he now seek to engage on that important issue?  The coroner says that he wrote to the guards in February and April looking for cooperation and has had no response.  Is the Minister prepared to sit back and allow that to continue or will he get active on that issue?

Mr Ford: There are a number of points in Mr Allister’s comments.  First of all, I do not operationally direct the PSNI, and I need to be very careful about suggesting that I might operationally direct an Garda Síochána in those circumstances — [Interruption.]

Mr Principal Deputy Speaker: Order.

Mr Ford: Let us be absolutely clear, it is a major difficulty to resource the issues of the past, whether it be the work of the police in the Historical Enquiries Team and other matters, whether it be the work of the Office of the Police Ombudsman on its historical issues, or whether it be the work of the Coroners’ Courts in this jurisdiction.  We have significant financial problems in dealing with that with a budget that is only for today and which is being cut at this stage whilst some of those issues are enormously expensive.  So, we need to be realistic about the expectation as to what a Minister in this jurisdiction could do to enforce anything on a police service in a different jurisdiction.

Mr Allister: Do nothing.

TUV has described the policy of delivering an end to the HET by starving it of funds as a political ploy to try and induce unionists to agree a fresh legacy approach, such as envisaged in Haass.

TUV leader Jim Allister said, “Sinn Fein has long demanded the end of the HET. Now, by starving it of funds a vacuum is to be created to maximise political pressure on politicians to agree an alternative legacy approach. The timing with upcoming talks is no coincidence. On past performance Sinn Fein will have a veto on the acceptance of any new arrangements, so, in reality, what we are seeing here is the meeting of a long-term demand of the representatives of the chief victim makers. Meanwhile, innocent victims have been let down again.”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Indications that the Haass issues are to be addressed in further hothouse talks, after a meddling visit by the ROI Foreign Minister, suggests who is calling the shots.

“But, there are fundamental questions for the proposed unionist participants. Both DUP and UUP acknowledged Haass was built on deception by reason of the secret OTR arrangements. What has changed? Just, another unionist roll over! The UUP, in particular, withdrew from the executive party talks because of the hood winking of the OTR deal. Now, they are heading back in!

“Of course, it is noticeable these are talks only for the parties in government with Sinn Fein. Let the DUP and Sinn Fein remember, though, that as 22nd May proved, there are 100,000 unionists you do not represent and whose eyes are watching you. Keep looking over your shoulder!”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The comments by Lady Justice Hallett today should remove all shadow of doubt that the DUP are seeking to sell the Unionist electorate a pup on this issue.

“Mr Robinson demanded “a full judicial inquiry” and that he wanted “to know who the 187 people are that received these letters – if indeed it is only 187 people because I wouldn’t believe anything I hear any longer.” Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“Following the PSNI’s participation in the anti-British St Patrick’s Day parade in New York I wrote to the Chief Constable asking why a police service from the UK officially participated in a parade behind a banner which proclaimed “England Get Out of Ireland”.

“I know from contacts to my office that many people found the PSNI participation in an event which peddled this racist and xenophobic message deeply offensive. This is hardly surprising given that the “Brits Out” mantra was championed by the IRA which murdered so many gallant officers in Northern Ireland. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-
“The welcome charging of Ivor Bell, on the basis of evidence obtained from ‘the Boston tapes’, raises the obvious question of when others likewise named will be arrested and charged on the same basis? Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“Richard Haass’ outburst in Washington was wholly irresponsible, being excusatory of future terrorism.

“Excusing terrorism, alas, is nothing new for Dr Haass. His New Year report was so sanitising of terrorism that it didn’t even use the term “terrorism” at any point to describe the murderous terror of the IRA and others. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The reports  signed off by the Standards and Privileges Committee whitewashing Kelly’s grossly offensive conduct at the Castlederg IRA parade is a slap in the face for all innocent victims of terror. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“It’s simply not good enough to say that no more of these letters will be issued. There should never have been any of these letters issued in the first place and those in circulation should, as the First Minister claimed was a resigning issue, be rescinded.

“If the letters are no longer of any force, as the DUP laughably claim, the Downey judgement would be appealed.

“The demands made by Peter Robinson should have been met in full. They haven’t been and innocent victims are, once again, the losers.”

Statement by Jim Allister MLA:

“TUV regrets that the DUP has rolled over to Sinn Fein pressure in OFMdFM and is now delivering on a promise they foolishly made in 2007 in their first Programme for Government with Sinn Fein. Continue Reading…