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Following a meeting of the party officers on Tuesday night and consultation with grassroots party members TUV has decided to withdraw from the Unionist Forum.
In a statement the party said:
“TUV was sceptical about the potential of the Forum to achieve anything of substance and made this clear at the outset. We were never interested in something which was merely an expediency for the moment. As the months have progressed the various subgroups of the Forum have rarely if ever met and public cynicism about the Forum and its ability to deliver anything has grown. In fact, most people have probably forgotten about its existence. Continue Reading…

Extract from speech by TUV leader Jim Allister to the Lisburn protest against building the Conflict Resolution Centre at the Maze:-

“From no terrorists in government to IRA Commander as Joint First Minister; from no stadium at the Maze, because of the threat of a Shrine, to a ‘Conflict Transformation Centre’ capable only of being built beside the very Shrine buildings: that is the sad transformation of the DUP. Such is what happens when you end up in hock to IRA/Sinn Fein.

“The Conflict Transformation Centre is planned for the Maze because Sinn Fein would agree to it no where else. And in this government, what Sinn Fein wants Sinn Fein gets. But what of the people, what of the victims of the IRA, what about what they want? When were they consulted? The truth is never. Continue Reading…

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“I am outraged to discover by way of a written answer from OFMdFM that £260,000 has been wasted on maintain the ugly prison buildings at the Maze.

“It is scandalous that such a sum has been squandered on maintaining buildings which, as numerous DUP politicians have pointed out in the past, will inevitably become a shrine to Republican terrorism.

“The First Ministers claim that they are merely fulfilling their “statutory obligations” but there are many beautiful listing buildings in Northern Ireland which have nothing like that sum spent on them. One has only to look at the dilapidated state of Craigavon House – which is a building of immense historical importance to the history of Northern Ireland and its founding – to see that the Maze is evidently receiving gold standard treatment. Why? Because the Maze prison buildings and hospital wing are hallowed ground as far as Republicans are concerned. Continue Reading…