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Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“I am disappointed that the Speaker has declined my request for an urgent oral question to the Justice Minister following Martin McGuinness’s disgraceful comments about the Orange Order.

“The filled and pernicious alignment by McGuinness of the Orange Order with the UVF sets up Orange Halls, parades and personnel for further republican attack and should be allowed to be raised in the chamber.”

Following a meeting of the party officers on Tuesday night and consultation with grassroots party members TUV has decided to withdraw from the Unionist Forum.
In a statement the party said:
“TUV was sceptical about the potential of the Forum to achieve anything of substance and made this clear at the outset. We were never interested in something which was merely an expediency for the moment. As the months have progressed the various subgroups of the Forum have rarely if ever met and public cynicism about the Forum and its ability to deliver anything has grown. In fact, most people have probably forgotten about its existence. Continue Reading…